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Welcome to CCPTP

Since 1975, the Council of Counseling Psychology Training Programs (CCPTP) has had two important functions. One has been to represent the interests of counseling psychology in virtually any forum that might affect training. The second has been to support its members by disseminating training-relevant information and by providing a vehicle to communicate with one another.

Qualified counseling psychology programs have institutional membership in CCPTP and are represented by Training Directors, who hold voting privileges. But individual faculty members also may join CCPTP as nonvoting members. In so doing, they have access to CCPTP services and activities. Membership information can be found in the Manual of Policies and Procedures.

The purpose of this web page is to provide access to important CCPTP documents as well as to other information relevant to counseling psychology training.

APA President, Dr. Nadine Kaslow Awards Presidential Citations to the Following Individuals

Dr. Cindy Juntunen Dr. Mark Leach Dr. Julie Koch
Dr. Cindy Juntunen, Professor, University of North Dakota Dr. Mark Leach, Professor, University of Louisville Dr. Julie Koch, Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University

Recipients of presidential citations are selected by the division president and often go to individual or organizations whose mission and work are consistent with the president's theme or focus.