August - APA Convention, *Board Meetings, Results of Board Elections, Annual Council Business Meeting.

August/September – President or Board Directors notify appropriate organizations of new Board officers, writes appropriate thank you letters, and presides over the transition of the new Board and its officers.

September/October - Treasurer sends out dues notices. Formation and meeting of the Midyear conference planning committee.

October - Secretary completes the minutes of the Board and Council meetings held at the convention and sends them to the Board to be reviewed and approved to be posted on the CCPTP webpage.

October/November - APA Education and Training Board Meeting. Depending on the agenda, CCPTP might want to send a funded observer.

January/February - Division 17 mid-year Executive Committee meeting and APA Council of Representatives meeting, both Washington, D.C. President writes to the Board and membership concerning the CCPTP mid-year meeting and solicits agenda suggestions. APA sends the President a request for meeting rooms at the upcoming convention (date deadline for return specified by APA). President and the conference planning committee need to make final arrangements for CCPTP mid-year meeting.

February /March - Winter meeting of the Board. Midyear membership business meeting during the midyear conference. Recommendations for nominations for APA Boards and Committees need to be decided, as well as the Board's nominations for new Board members. CCPTP annual awards announcement and formation of award committee.

March/April - Requests for Board nominations and award nominations are announced to the membership

April - APA Education and Training Board meeting in Washington, D.C. Depending on the agenda, Council might want to send a funded representative.

May/July - Ballots for Board elections are sent to the membership, election ballots counted, the Board notifies nominees of election and annual award results.

July - Announcements about meetings at APA convention and a call for agenda items are included.

*In addition to the meetings held during APA convention and mid-year conference, the Board schedules 6-8 additional meetings via a virtual format throughout the 12-month period.