Board Member Reimbursement Policy

  • Reasonably-priced transportation (e.g., airfare booked 14 days in advance) to Conference
  • One night lodging at conference hotel the night prior to the conference beginning
  • Meals on day executive committee meets prior to conference beginning (if not already pre-arranged as a Board event)
  • Ground transportation to and from airports (gas receipts, shuttle/taxi costs)
  • Airport parking at Home airport

Please make reasonable travel plans as possible. If your university covers any of these expenses, please seek reimbursement from your university rather than the CCPTP treasury.

New Liaison Policy

All expenses incurred as a liaison (e.g., transportation, food, hotel, and registration) shall be covered. If upon submission of receipts to the treasurer, he or she questions any expenses as unreasonable (e.g., room service) the treasurer shall discuss this expense with the liaison and attempt clarification and resolution. If resolution cannot be reached, the matter shall be resolved by Board discussion and vote.

Revised March 2008