Policies & Procedures

(February 1996)

Policies and procedures were developed by the members of the 1980-1981 Board of the Council of Counseling Psychology Training Programs. Its purpose is to provide officers and Board members with an outline of responsibilities and suggestions from those who have served the organization. If the manual proves useful, it is hoped that future Boards will continually update its contents and that such updates can increase the efficiency and productivity of the organization. The efforts of the 1980-1981 Board members in beginning this work are especially appreciated. These members are: Bruce R. Fretz, founder and past chair; Lyle D. Schmidt, past chair; Michael J. Patton, Treasurer; David N. Dixon, Secretary; Carl S. Davis, Survey Coordinator; John D. Alcorn, Arthur A. Dole, and Howard E. A. Tinsley, Members-at-large; and Naomi M. Meara, Chair.