The CCPTP Membership Listserv

The primary purpose of the CCPTP membership email listserv is for communication among members relevant to professional issues and resources, the organization's business, and member news.

1.     Only institutional members (TDs, designated program representatives), Liaisons, and dues paying individual members are on Listserv with the privilege for posting.

2.     The Board Directors use the membership listserv as the main forum to communicate with CCPTP members, including delivering welcome messages, making announcements of upcoming meetings and organized events or workshops, and sharing the informal/formal statements related to major societal events.

3.     CCPTP members may conduct informal surveys related to their professional responsibilities, concerns, and CCPTP functions. Any such surveys are not to be used as a statement of formal position on any topic.

4.     CCPTP members may post job announcements on the listserv. (Requests from non-members to post positions should be directed to the listserv coordinator or CCPTP President.)

5.     The listserv is not to be used by members or non-members as a vehicle to advertise services or products for profit. 

The Board’s Membership Coordinator serves as the CCPTP email Listserv Coordinator. Non-CCPTP members who would like to send a request or message to the CCPTP membership listserv should forward their requests to the Membership Coordinator, Nouriman Ghahary, Ph.D. (2023-2024) at [email protected] and the Membership Coordinator will in consultation with the President to assess whether the request meets the requirements of the Membership Listserv. If so, the request will be forwarded to members.