Council of Counseling Psychology Training Programs  Expectations for Internship Eligibility


  1. Trainee meets or exceeds foundational and functional competencies as articulated by the program objectives and national guidelines. These include multicultural competencies in working with diverse populations.

  2.  Trainee successfully completed a pre-dissertation research experience.

  3.  Trainee passed program’s comprehensive or qualifying exams (or equivalent) by internship application.

  4.  Trainee’s dissertation proposal has been accepted at the time of application to internship.

  5. Trainee successfully completed all required coursework for the doctoral degree prior to starting the internship (except hours for dissertation and internship).

  6.  Trainee completed at least 450 face-to-face, program-sanctioned, verified graduate practicum hours of assessment/intervention that includes evidence-based practice and at least 150 hours of supervision by a licensed psychologist or other mental health professional (as appropriate for the jurisdiction).  Supervision was delivered according to accepted individual or group models and included observation of the trainee’s work.

  7.  Trainee has contributed to the scientific knowledge within psychology, as evidenced by:
    1. Submitting a manuscript for publication (e.g., journal article, book chapter) as an author or co-author,
    2. Presenting at least two papers/posters/workshops at local, regional, national, or international professional conferences or meetings.
  8. Trainee was enrolled in a program that conducts formal annual evaluations of each student for purposes of monitoring trainees’ developing competencies and assuring that only students making satisfactory progress are retained and recommended for doctoral candidacy and entry into the profession. This annual program review of each student utilizes evaluations obtained from different faculty and supervisors and covers the full range of competencies including academic, research, clinical skills, and ethical professional behavior. Trainee has been rated as meeting expectations and possessing the required competencies at the time of applying for internship.

Adopted by CCPTP February 9, 2013